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The Success Secret

Sigrun Lilja Gudjonsdottir, the founder of the luxury Icelandic fashion brand Gydja Collection is co-authoring in a new entrepreneur book .

The Success Secret alongside the best-selling author Jack Canfield, America's #1 Success Coach and leading experts from around the world.

The Success Secret will be available this September and you can order your book today!

Searching for the "Success Secret" that will take you to the next level - both personally and professionally? Well, look no further than this book.

Jack Canfield, America's #1 Success Coach and co-creator of the legendary "Chicken Soup for the Soul" best-selling book series, has brought together today's foremost thought leaders to reveal for the first time in print their own incredible success secrets. Inside these pages, you'll find the inspiration and motivation to move forward - as well as the proven action steps that attract abundance and bring fulfillment.

These innovative experts deliver all that and more - because they have the spirit and skills to transform your life and help you create the wealth, health and happiness you've been waiting for. This is the moment to embrace the life-changing techniques and transformational tools revealed in this book. So start reading "The Success Secret" today - and build an awesome tomorrow!

The Success Secret features an inspiring collection of success stories and practical advice in life and in business. Each author will share their "success secrets" and tips to help others realise ultimate health, wealth, marketing, and business success.

Some of the topics covered in the book include overcoming media obstacles, goal setting, breakthrough strategies with money, cellular memory release, stress, how to become the expert, relationships, fitness, and the benefits of having a successful mindset,amongst others.

Sigrun Lilja started developing her own fashion and accessories brand, called Gydja Collection, at age 24.

Over the years, Sigrun Lilja's business has gone from strength-to-strength and lately, her name as a business women, marketing expert, and creative fashion designer has been rising worldwide. She managed to successfully expand and grow the company´s products, and her lifestyle brand, that is becoming a well-known label worldwide, in a very short period of time.

With an eye for marketing and business opportunities, and a heart for fashion, Sigrun Lilja has grown the Gydja Collection into one of the best known designer brands in Iceland. Collections consisting of feminine accessories and sophisticated designs are a hit with

women everywhere; from A-list celebrities in Hollywood to Europeans elite.

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